Exactly WHAT is River Oaks Capital Corporation?
River Oaks Capital Corporation is a registered 'C' class corporation with offices in Serene Hills at Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. Our firm consists of a team of Options Trading specialists and support staff that has been brought together with one specific goal; to help YOU make money trading the options market. Our company was created by Robert Thackston, our President and Lead Analyst.
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       What Makes Your Service BETTER than the rest?
Robert Thackston, our founder, President, lead analyst, published author, and senior trader has more than 47+ years of hands-on, professional and licensed investment training and experience. As a former licensed stockbroker, investment advisor, bond broker, commodities broker, Group 1 insurance products broker, LNG products broker, and mortgage broker, Mr. Thackston possesses award winning, professional experience and insight that is unmatched in the financial industry. His lifelong quest for excellence has been fulfilled through continuing education and hands-on training with the New York Institute of Finance, Dean Witter Reynolds, Merrill Lynch, Oppenheimer, Thompson McKinnon, and Bear Stearns to name a few. Couple his experience and training with keen market insight and deft trading abilities and you have one of the most adept trading experts available to help guide you to great success at trading the markets.

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       What SERVICES are provided by your company?
We provide daily options trade selections with projected Target EXITS and Protective STOPS directly to the Brokerage Firm of your choice. Our option selections are specific and are ALWAYS issued the evening BEFORE the next trading session.

The trade selections that we issue include the full description of the options contract to be purchased, the contract symbol, name of the underlying security, best entry price, maximum entry price, projected target exit, and protective stop.
We do NOT generally select thinly traded or easily manipulated option positions in obscure companies. We select options trades in some of the largest companies in the world and in the most widely recognized and widely traded index and ETF options available. Compare our trade selections to the 'fly-by-night' penny-stock promoters and inexperienced and uneducated option market 'Experts' that abound in the marketplace, and you will instantly recognize the quality of our service.

Your Broker will place the trade that we have issued at some time prior to the market opening.

After the trade has 'opened' your broker will enter the Target Exit and Protective Stop to 'bracket' the trade for you.

When the trade moves through the Target Exit or Protective Stop the trade will Close Out and capture the projected profit or moderated loss.

We continually update your broker of any possible changes to our target EXITS and 'trailing' STOPS. This is a key factor to making you money by reducing the risk. Our sole function is to help YOU make money whle simultaneously reducing your exposure to undue risk.

We also issue a daily insightful market commentary newsletter to keep you up to date on the market [U.S. equities markets only]. Access to our newsletter is texted to you each evening. The market commentary is an overview of how the markets are predicted to perform during the following trading session.

Each member-subscriber receives e-mail support for any issue not covered in our FAQ's or not found elsewhere on our website. We generally do NOT offer telephone support due to our number of active subscribers and in order to retain a paper trail of our ‘conversations’.     Back to the top of the page

       What criteria do you use to determine EXITS and STOPS?
Our primary goal is to PROTECT our subscribers from CATASTROPHIC LOSS and to capture the MINIMUM GAIN expected for each trade; therefore, we determine in advance Exits and Stops. We use a variety of factors to determine these EXITS and STOPS. EXITS and STOP prices are determined for both maximum profitability and minimized losses. They are issued at the time that a new trade is selected.

Furthermore, we use our EXITS and STOPS as trigger points for closing 'open' and 'active' positions, if they are not closed by expiration. We actively 'tighten' our suggested EXITS and STOPS as dictated by market conditions throughout the day.    Back to the top of the page

       What TYPES of options do you select?
Our trades are always in straight CALL or PUT positions. We select well known and widely traded common stocks found on the NYSE and NASDAQ. We also select trades in index options such as SPY, DIA, QQQ, OEX, USO, XMI, and others. We do NOT offer trades that involve strips, straps, iron condors, butterfly spreads, bear puts with a naked leg, Mongolian arbitrage or any other esoteric transaction.    Back to the top of the page

       How do you DETERMINE which options to suggest?
Our option selections are determined by utilizing our organic proprietary trading program, the
ROCC, in conjunction with personal and professional input from our market experts. Our organic proprietary trading program deciphers more than 26 different indicators to help determine which option contracts offer the BEST opportunities for quick and significant profits.    Back to the top of the page

       What is the average HOLDING PERIOD?
Holding periods for any single position can vary widely. If protective EXITS or STOPS are 'hit' very soon after initiating a trade due to some unforeseen market influence, the position will have a very short holding period. If, however, profits continue to climb higher each day the holding period would be significantly longer. Our average holding period at present is fewer than 5 business days.

The average holding period for our selections for the full year of 2017, from initiation to expiration of a contract or contract closure due to EXITS or STOPS, was approximately 3.85 days.
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       How MANY trade selections are made daily?
New trade selections generally vary in number from 'zero' to four on any given day. However, we will NOT make a trade suggestion JUST for the sake of making a trade. Sometimes, stepping back from the markets for a short period of time and doing NOTHING is the best plan of action.   Back to the top of the page

       How many positions are OPEN and ACTIVE at any given time?
We typically have three trades open at any given time. Positions will remain OPEN and ACTIVE until closed out by hitting the target exit, protective stop, or by contract expiration. To maximize portfolio management we usually limit the number of OPEN and ACTIVE positions to about FOUR POSITIONS. We feel that a portfolio maximum of four positions offers a significant opportunity for profitability while providing protection by diversification. Four positions is the point at which we begin to limit our new selections until 'space' is cleared by the closure of previously suggested trades.    Back to the top of the page

       How much does it COST for your service?
We charge a monthly fee of $95 for our self-directed Daily Options Trading Newsletter. Each person who signs up with us becomes a member (or subscriber). We help our members make thousands of dollars annually by combining maximzed winning positions and moderated losing positions in a formatted, proven strategy. Some of our members trade accounts at a minimum of $2,000 while others have $250,000 and higher balance accounts. We charge everyone the same rate.

WE Make the Trades and YOU Take the Profits without having to Lift a Finger!    Back to the top of the page

       How is my subscription fee PROTECTED?

It's very simple. We provide our member-subscribers with an IRONCLAD PERFORMANCE-BASED 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Either YOU make money month after month or upon request you get back 100% of your initial month's subscription fee... NO QUESTIONS ASKED!   Back to the top of the page

       Why do you only offer MONTH to MONTH subscriptions? Do you offer an annual subsciption at a DISCOUNT?
We offer MONTH to MONTH subscription because it offers YOU greater control. Rather than hit our subscribers with a large annual fee we would rather put the controls in your hands. If we do not produce profits for you month after month you can FIRE US! That is how CONFIDENT we are in YOUR option trading success!
And yes, we do offer annual subscriptions at a significant discount. Contact us for more information.
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       Do you trade your OWN MONEY?
Absolutely we do! We have built our company by doing so. And now we offer our services to others for ONE specific reason; we want to SHARE our trading success with others. By doing so our company will continue to grow and become even MORE successful in the options trading community!

Keep in mind, that we do NOT generally select thinly traded, easily manipulated, option positions in obscure companies. We offer trade suggestions in options on some of the largest companies in the world and in the most widely recognized and widely traded index and ETF options available. These positions simply CANNOT be manipulated by our selections. Compare our trade selections to the 'fly-by-night' penny-stock promoters and inexperienced and uneducated option market 'Experts' that abound in the marketplace and you will instantly recognize the quality of our service.
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       How much MONEY do I need to get started?
We suggest member-subscribers open accounts with a minimum of $5,000 and not invest more than 10% into any single trade. Of course, any amount you want to invest is up to the individual member.

we strongly suggest setting these guidelines to maximize your profitable investment results while simultaneously reducing exposure to undue risk. As such, only a percentage of your account should be invested into any one trade. Our goal as a company is to make you 100% to 200% per year. By following these guidelines, you will win overall.

Trading Account Size:
$2,000 to $5,000 / we suggest no more than 10% and no less than $200 invested in any single trade
$5,000 to $10,000 / we suggest no more than 10% and no less than $500 invested in any single trade
$10,000 or More / we suggest no more than 10% and no less than $750 invested in any single trade
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       Where should I open an account to get started?
There are several brokerage firms that we recommend. We suggest AutoShares, Global AutoTrading, eOption and Regal Securities among others.    Back to the top of the page

       What about the great TESTIMONIALS I have read about your service?
Our testimonials are ACTUAL and verified excerpts of messages sent to us by active subscribers. We do not 'embellish' or create our own testimonials. All of our testimonials were sent to us completely UNSOLICITED. Click HERE to review a few of our testimonials.
To protect the privacy of our subscribers we do not post the writer's personal information.    Back to the top of the page

       What PROOF do you offer to back up your incredible results?
Our Track Record includes EVERY selection made by River Oaks Capital Corporation from January 01, 2006 through the last calendar date for each month. Our Track Record is updated at the end of each month to reflect every CLOSED transaction through that month. We do not embellish, enhance, omit, alter, amplify, or backdate our results. Our Track Record shows EVERY suggested trade that we have issued, warts and all! ’Open' and 'Active' positions are not shown because visitors to our site who are not yet subscribers aren't authorized to see it; you've got to pay to play! Our results are verified by an independent audit. To view our most recently updated TRACK RECORD please click HERE!
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       What do I do if I want to CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE?
To unsubscribe please click HERE!    Back to the top of the page

YOU should subscribe to OUR service because:

    • We do NOT solicit banking or investment business nor do we offer direct money management or brokerage services.
    • We do NOT accept compensation from any public or private firms wanting to advertise. Unlike MOST other Wall Street firms and investment newsletters, we generate our revenue from subscription fees ONLY.
    • We are the ONLY service that gives clear, concise, and specific option trade selections the evening BEFORE the following trade date!
    • We are the ONLY service that can PROVE each and every one of our previous trades with actual issue dates and times! We do NOT 'backdate' trades to 'enhance' our results like MOST other services do.
    • We are the ONLY options trading advisory service that provides an actual VERIFIABLE and PROVEN Track Record! NO 'should'a..., could'a..., would'a...'! Our previous trade selections can ACTUALLY be VERIFIED!
    • We are one of the ONLY services that offer RISK FREE ONE-MONTH subscriptions! We do not hit our subscribers with huge upfront or annual fees. If we do not produce profits for you month after month you can, and should FIRE US!
    • Our Track Record reflects SINGLE trade results, NOT COMPOUNDED results! We have ACTUALLY made a number of trades that have gained OVER 400% on a SINGLE IN and OUT TRANSACTION!
    • We are the ONLY options trading advisory service that has the CONFIDENCE to back it's daily selections with our IRONCLAD 100% PERFORMANCE-BASED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


Compare our Service, PROVEN Track Record, and PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE to ANY other Service!

We KNOW that you will choose
River Oaks Capital Corporation!
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