A Few of our UNSOLICITED Testimonials

"...my first trade [03/09/10] was on Citigroup.
It TRIPLED my money..."

IBRAHIM M. - FLUSHING, NY - 07/28/11
"I did the two trades you recommended for Monday [01/12/15] and made 39.66% on one and 34.40% on the other in ONE DAY! You guys are UNBELIEVABLE! "

ANDY S. - HOUSTON, TX - 01/13/15
"GREAT JOB yesterday!
I made $500 on 10 contracts!"

GARY N. - SARASOTA, FL - 12/17/14
"...your service is profitable and [I] want to autotrade it once I
get my account set up!"

JAMES C. - HAZLET, NY - 07/22/15
"I traded the 'FREE Look' [today] and loved the results! I just signed up as a new member!"

JAMES M. - NEW YORK, NY - 04/01/15
"...your service is still the single best options service I have ever used!! Your market reviews are wonderfully insightful and your picks are amazingly consistent, especially given the current market dynamic. [I am a] Satisfied Customer!"

BRIAN D. - BEAVERTON, OR - 09/28/09
"I shorted JC Penney [01/27] and bought Sears Puts [01/29] just like you said and took profits of 16% and 35% in just over a WEEK! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"

TOM G. - CLEAR LAKE, TX - 02/05/14
"Everything [your service does] is GREAT!"

"Your Campbell Soup Call pick [02/10] made me almost 80% in a couple of days! I don't know how you do it but keep doing it!"

MIGUEL F. - SANTA CLARA, CA - 02/16/14
"I’ve really enjoyed the daily newsletters and some of your picks [have been] AWESOME! Thanks again!"

"Good product and service!"

BRUCE M. - ALIQUIPPA, PA - 08/02/15
"I am new to your trading advisory. I have found it to be very good so far..."

"I like your program! Thanks!"

JOHN B. - SAN DIEGO, CA - 02/22/15
"I [have been] a subscriber with you for the past several months [and] I think the results you document and your overall daily summary is very valuable to traders."

M. PATEL - EAST MEADOW, NY - 04/16/13
"You guys are the BEST! Keep up the Good Work!"

MARK S. - DALLAS, TX - 02/16/18